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                            “Too many
… of the people I know about,
care about
                     are dying”
                  more than a thought

                                         books of
last works,
                     books of late recognition

Jane Freilicher, Peter Campbell
                                                         no one
I know personally

I feel like an insect on a twig
floating down stream.

I check Slaven & Leadbitter:   who’s
playing the piano
                                        on these Nighthawk

(Bob Call)

                           read Gig’s article
Vicki V
                     Nighthawk playing quietly
in the background
                               a CD

                                           look at a map of Rome

gauging the parts I never went to

parts that join up as, at the time, I never knew they did

a detective novel, The Fatal Touch, has
me doing this
                                  read Augie again

on Lee Harwood
                                    —  his Collected
on sale at work —
                                   I should let the punters
have a go
                         but then it’s mine
                                                            or I
order another one

                     the guy who wrote Eternity
                                                           on Sydney
when I was a kid
                                          the shock they gave
of quiet wistfulness
                                           & admonition,
                                                              & that they
made the day seem more vivid
registered for a moment
                                                 in its meanness
its noise  & beauty

                                        the innocence of another

(the guy who used to wheel the coffin about

—‘out of Gogol’—
                                     (the guy
with the Mexican hat & a (toy) horse around
                                               his middle

—beaten up, they say
                                   by the police

I screenprinted that word
in gold leaf for its appearance in
                                     Laurie’s poem

“Psychiatry is an evil & must be banned”

That guy.
                               ( Beaten up, they say,
by the police   )

                                       Actually, I
have never been beaten up by the police —

& may not be, now,  …

                              I suppose that is a hope

Probably a certainty.

Read Adorno again?


Maybe too smart for me,

                  but sometimes very funny.

The moon is rising

                                      Crying won’t help you

                    the moon is long risen.

                                                           Cath & I
looked at it earlier,  high, surrounded by

a soft, dissolving look
                       a ball or shield  
                                               We check the house
Anna is interested in
                                        Take it easy, baby

Maggie Campbell
                                The moon is rising, again.

                           Nighthawk Boogie

                                                               He played
at Muddy Waters’ first wedding

                                                   I was there

                                   And I knew Vicki,
a little
                 a share house with her
                                                      “The beautiful
trembling Irene
                       is taking another pill”

Gig quotes her.

                       And again

where Vicki has the city
& sledging its iron name into the ground”

                                                 Actually (!)
‘At East Balmain’   is a terrific poem
                                                        more real
than anything I will ever write

                                                I listen
to Robert Nighthawk again

                                       Nighthawk Boogie.