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An Introduction to Process

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Method, route, progress, practice; issue four of fine print contemplates process.

What happens between conception and the end-point has been an ongoing – and defining – concern of contemporary art. A reaction to Modernism’s elevation of materials and glorification of the art object, considering the creative strategies behind a work has become critical to its understanding in the twenty-first century. At this stage in art history, is it possible to discuss a work without referencing the actions of its invention?

Evolution, endurance, thinking, research. Deviation, experimentation, discarding, restarting. The methods of making, experiencing and discussing art come to the fore through poetry and prose, as the writers in this issue lead us to approach the artistic process from a number of different angles.  

Ken Bolton (SA), Donald Brook (SA), Sundari Carmody (SA), Stan Mahoney (SA), Matt Huppatz (SA) & Monte Masi (SA) and Jenna McKenzie (NZ/AUS) join the conversation.