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watch me slay

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watch me slay,
single channel digital video, 2 min 38 sec

Video: Ben Golotta

She rides her mighty brumby and storms this starry night
from red dust and rock and dune to milky way
she scales jagged cliff from valley floor
for stealth-like vantage height
eyes fixed on their dystopian decay

They arrive to take possession with their bibles and their guns
promise freedom and salvation steeped in lies
in their sacred name of Father / Holy Dollar / Corporate Son
and their trickster patron saint in cunning guise

                 see her flame and feel the burn
                 know black power
                 watch her slay
                 see golden flame BLK-PWR
                 watch her slay

Colossal-deep and open-cut they mine her till she nearly breaks
for their multi-national off-shore gammon trade
she tastes a trace of blood-drenched cash
and tracks them in their wake
she arms herself with ancestors and blade

She ascends beyond graves etched deep all heart and clever might
she evades their chase and castes a knowing smile
she leaves a trail of golden-tread through their rusty prison gates
resisting military assault with staunch and style

                 see her flame and feel the burn
                 know black power
                 watch her slay
                 see golden flame BLK-PWR
                 watch her slay

She said…
I will hold my future skin-to-skin and cradle fiercely in my arms
                 I will shape-shift into prophet saint divine
                 I will hold you all accountable for police-state sanctioned harm
                 and rise-up a revolution in these colonial fresh-hell times
                 I will read you like the brilliant stars that guide and fire my life
                 I will end your wars through nebula sublime
                 I will return, resume, re-occupy to nurture back my lands
                 I will live and thrive and ride this brumby high

                                   see my flame and feel the burn
                                   know black power
                                   watch me slay
                                   see this golden flame BLK-PWR
                                   watch me slay