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The Power Struggle

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The Power Struggle,
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Video: Ben Golotta

The Power Struggle

A fight for control, equality, and freedom
A necessary yearning for country, culture, and connection

Grieving and rebuilding at the same time
Lore systems broken and new Law forcefully implemented  

The Power Struggle

Love, loss, and removal
Western roots run deep in systematic soil  

Murdered, taken, and broken
Our golden land with no wealth for toil  

The Power Struggle

Displacement of peoples
Our Country was stolen
A united heart left bloody and swollen

The Power Struggle

Religion, Politics and Governments
Policies, Patents and Agreements

Left us stranded in the rising tide
The rising tide of genocide

And though we are here the damage has been done
In recent times we still struggle as one

Corporations feeding tokenism and racism
These organisations a modern day colonisation

My family, my ancestors guide my strength
To exist and rebuild in a world that abandoned and seen us as others

For the way we are is the way we were then
We will get back up time and time again

Fight, Rebuild, Repeat

The Power Struggle