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Rounding, Folding

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Presented as part of READING CIRCLES at ACE Open in April 2021, Rounding, Folding was created in response to Nina Katchadourian’s 2005 moving image work Accent Elimination.

Iran performs with her Floors—pressure-sensitive platforms with sensors which respond to movement and pressure, facilitating music-making via whole-body movement. They are made as part-replicas of Vernus floors, originally designed for the Australian pioneering dancer Philippa Cullen (1972). Iran’s research and expansion of the repertory for the Floors is ongoing and continuing.

Developed in collaboration with the curators of The image is not nothing (Concrete Archives), Lisa Radford and Yhonnie Scarce, fine print’s READING CIRCLES were a series of performative reading/speaking/listening sessions transliterating the ideas, research and artworks which sit in absentia to the exhibition yet have greatly influenced its formation.

Utilising site, memory, body and language READING CIRCLES invited extended analysis and dialogue that speaks and attunes to the connections between research and artwork.