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A Very Special Relationship

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‘Nothing could stop the rocket, short of an anchor, just nothing could stop the escape of a penny balloon if released from the lips’
— Ivan Southall

Melting heat across panels

                           flung out of rich sources

                                           possessed to mine.        

        While engaged to Nolan

                         this affair will end

                                             in separation via a jar of solvent

                                                          behind a suspended security curtain.

                         Who coined the term?

        For the sake of documentation

                                           it must be noted  

                                                           there is no more paint

                      the tubes were feverishly gnawed

                                                                       at via fission and fusion.

                               Vapour ascends through a pine frame

                       touching sounds of deep roars

      from trains, motorcars, rifle fire

                                                  all other evidence is scheduled to be shadowy.

     A disaster or any very newsworthy event

                                                               contracts a town to the media

                                           events often known as a killing or murder or something.

                       Who coined the term?

                                        Woomera is not vague

                            the village is a social experiment

                                                        an air-conditioned oasis with oysters Kilpatrick.

            Mercurial wires linking

                                  into the layer cake of English myth

                                                                                    so secretly intoxicating

                                                          like a benefactor

                                                                             gazing upon a landscape drama

               with the blistering shimmer of lagoons

                                                             and arid mirages streaming into income.

                                             Who coined the term?

        The scope of kittens, rats, and vixens

                                                       termed for firing conditions

                                and the unnatural feeling of departing a lover’s bed

                                              all remains are buried beneath the sand.

          If a small child were to pick up a portion of balloon fabric

                                                         the Australian Government would be embarrassed

                        such adaptability is considered marvellous

                                                       like the noxious beauty of oleanders.

                                  An open negative tacked onto flaking wallpaper

                       all for the sake of an information plaque.

                                                                          Who coined the term?

                    The concrete structures once

                                                              housed launcher cameras for recording

                                    what happened when things lit up with flames

                                      a scene from hell and the flood

                      approved by the committee  

                                                           quite a tourist rocker moment.

             The tower was built on the side of the lake

                                                          for the rocket’s airflow to woosh

                        over and across the water

                              causing no environmental damage neither here nor other planets.

           A scientist’s wife speaks

                                                  no reports of the results

                                                                      just more steel tables

                       as this is still an operational morgue

                                                      alongside sanitised instruments.

                                 Who coined the term?

            When you split the nucleus

                                     a factor of millions is gained

                                                           reflecting against an abandoned giftshop window.

                       The recreation of home comforts

                                                       mother in the kitchen

                                       father pulling up flower beds.

             You may have a garden here

                                                London has run out of trees

                                       take a seat and wipe your mouth clean for Nolan’s kiss.