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He calls it their disaster, honeycomb, spit, tomorrow’s sculpture. How do we re-open? With the tree’s alphabet. Whatever you need to call it.

If I had a glow worm, I’d keep it in a shoebox to show you every time I fail to express myself.

This is actually a portion of a telescope —— radio waves fall, dislocate across the sky.

We made it again onto the cover, at random, starting from an observation entirely at night. Neptune, fast radio boosts. Summer 1999.

It’s me, Tom. I said. It’s me. I’m calling to see if you’re OK?

My documents, turn an angle, impress, 16 galaxies over.

They are just small flies and they live for a small amount of days, I would tell you.

We know they are coming from far, far outside our galaxy and we don’t know their origin.

For a moment the connection is lost and I use it as an exit.


I am the new boy, I write down.

This single moment marks the end of a chain of events, magnetic state transitions, pageants.

These are measurement devices —— The Very Large Array, a telescope with 27 antennas used to detect radio emitting stars.

Plush toys, floats, particular to this neighbourhood,
I want to take you home but the long ride is over.

Nature evades detection, comets, plastic, ending under our sneakers

Later in the week, someone hits a home run if it weren’t for the nets

we are different, although nothing has changed from everything I’ve told you.


Phlegm forms part of the hi-rise, spine corrupt, racket of feelings, just so much hot air, fluctuations models and structures, getting away from space and in the middle of a series of jackets

satisfactory accounts, the role of values, decants, part of the design process for our bridges and vehicles, tongues across contemplations, intransitive, individual utilities, worse off, pillars, whose field, clenched, data, policy, numerical factors, making it tie around, true globalisation, migraine lift, surveillance tries to blow you, occurring between
soaking collars

nobody knows what the body can do

planes, open arms, basketball hoops

we start to climb up
before the magazine speaks.  



No playing on playgrounds
the smell you erode.


They vanish, not logically omniscient, taste for risk, concentration from day-to-day work, neoclassical economics, significant criteria, colour.

I enter the idea again, this time aware of the injury, tariffs and “tendencies,” acquisitiveness as universal laws, puzzling
reforming the problem, inexactness, these arise generally,

one attempts to modify the room.

Probability distributions, sketched even, few general, honesty and a willingness, ways to think, comes to pass, outcomes, institutions. Invade all of a sudden!
Splash, away, nothing from this, clothing, interneurons, agent’s happiness

urbanise the body like the arrangement of flowers.

Proxies for unmeasured stems, variables, the absence of interferences, a glass, planar exhalation, connection before grief, at last. You keep towards, not a crime to move, the theory of tides

simplification, idealisation and abstraction, problems affect, weak unanimity, commodity bundles, they are false, genuine laws, informative and useful, reflections to the present day, against the background, mathematical interests, extended, shot through, casts light on the way, controversy surrounds, the whole tale, preference reversals, hills, screens, important properties, amended theories, wages slide, subsistence levels, affluence, butterflies, stock-exchange, direct inductive, largely, probability calculus, truth or falsity, upside-down.

The orange tree worries about me.


We negate, rules apply, bracketed, post-domesticity, cursed, we go inside the tube the ball rolls back.

Impede prosperity, trust me, designation of the bundle, naming failure, crossing, the protocol, explanatory reporting, when you project, flushed, they talk to each other, a narrow scope, redial, his home completely, however it goes down, possible cycles, sum, doom, there is a second major problem, irrelevance, regularities, distortions, structuralist, views, over the reproduction, far from complete, passing, reflection, axioms needed, transitive pulls, good introductions, time to make it up, acquisition, remained, idea, contact, suspended, causal inquiry, field experiments, instrumental variables, monsters, “money pump”, brass, trembling

kind of remembering,
theatres and cinemas

transitions his home, closed, planets, popes and emperors, old and new human problems, autocratic, crosses, trans condition, black gold, searching for extraction, winds exceeding, fines, forces, afferent nerves, electrical synapses, network level, unit under observation, current pulses, injected, real or ideal, corporeal distance, milkshakes, links with others, means for testing, broad powers, supreme, king’s, tracts, taxed and defended, mines, the black leaves, fugitive, columns, thread, tolerance, torrent, oppression, between possibilities, deploy, from the margins, the joyful elsewhere, horizons, among trees,

revealing a green light
after trying.