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Immersion: Parra River Patch

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Kalanjay Dhir, Immersion: Parra River Patch, 2020. Logo Design by Alexander Tanazefti. Photographs by Gianna Hayes and Hersh Nat.

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Mtn: You know how cartoons have outlines?

Dew: yeah?

Mtn: Where are their outlines in real life?

Dew: But we aren't drawn

Mtn: Then what holds you from spilling out?

Dew: Your big organ, the skin

Mtn: What a poor porous definition…

After realising this both Mtn and Dew folded into each other and the environment around them. No longer capable of speech but infinitely more sensitive in communication. They were content.

Livestream - still photo by Hersh Nat.jpg
Livestream - still photo by Hersh Nat5.jpg
kal in river hersh nat.jpg