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Common Access

a fine print x Access2Arts event focusing on best practice in making cultural organisations accessible

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A group of people sit on the floor in a gallery, they are listening to two speakers sitting on either side of the room. An AusLan interpreter has her hands up in motion. On the walls are brightly coloured paintings; blue, black and white, orange, and multicoloured textile print.

fine print’s live issue COMMUNITY as part of ACE’s 2020 South Australian Artist Survey, If the future is to be worth anything, featuring an audience listening to Adelè Sliuzas & Ash Tower sharing a response to the work of Tutti Artists Jackie Saunders & Tessa Crathern. Photo: Thomas McCammon.

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On Saturday 17 September 2022, Access2Arts and fine print hosted a discussion around best practice in making cultural organisations accessible at The Mill, Tarntanya/Adelaide. As a growing recognition and implementation of access strategies continues to appear across arts events on screen and IRL, this session was an opportunity to gather, share skills and learn new directions when considering access in artistic practice.

Presented as part of fine print’s newest initiative COMMONS, this session focused on individual artists and art workers in small to medium arts organisations and ARIs encouraging better engagement with access protocols across multiple platforms. We shared knowledge, insight and experience in; best practice in the development and presentation of art and ideas, considerations around language, consent, the economics of accessibility, the way that providing access for some can lead to barriers for others, and to think beyond the physical barriers to engagement to include how we feel in spaces, and how we can address this in our work.

Access2Arts and fine print in discussion with guests on the practice of accessibility and its role in arts and culture today at The Mill, Tarntanya/Adelaide. 52 min, 47 sec.


As part of this issue we wish to highlight the work done by advocacy bodies, artists and arts workers in our sector. The following is a list of resources and further reading by contributors to ACCESS and COMMON ACCESS. If you’d like to add yours, we always welcome an email.