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An Introduction to Nations

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The events of 2016 on national and global stages have highlighted something that we seem to have collectively forgotten—that one of the most radical and urgent acts is that of listening. So for NATIONS, the last issue of 2016, fine print would like to do just that. Here, we are privileged to read the words of First Nation writers, artists and poets as they address pressing concerns in contemporary art and culture. We are listening in the hope that by doing so, we will be prepared take thoughtful action wherever and whenever we can. We are listening because there is no time like now.

Joining the conversation, Jonathon Jones (NSW) with Tamara Baillie (SA), Bindi Cole Chocka (NSW), Natalie Harkin (SA), Yhonnie Scarce (NSW) with Teri Hoskin (SA), Robert Fielding (APY) with Marie Falcinella (SA) and James Tylor (SA).