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An Introduction to Place

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How and where do we locate ourselves and our societies in art?

Encompassing aspects of land, home and identity, place has become a key context for contemplating contemporary art. Artists and theorists alike have undertaken to reveal and query the intangible emotive responses that connect us to environments and community, questioning our values of place and its influence on our actions. But in a world in which we edge closer to borderless societies through advancing technology, is there really ‘no place like home’? Or have we found alternatives to match our evolving social structures? In fine print #6, writers consider the ways in which art may reflect or refute our need to plot our location in relation to others – our historical, emotional and geographical ties to location.

Join Eleanor Amor (SA), Tom Borgas (AUS/PRT), Nic Brown (SA), James Dodd (SA), Meg Madden (NSW), Jenna McKenzie (SA), Kate Moskwa (SA) and Sera Waters (SA) as they engage with place in contemporary art practice.