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CRIP RAVE THEORY founder and DJ Aquenta / Riana Head-Toussaint gives both a written and sonic taste of what you can expect at this new party that prioritises intersectional-accessibility.

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a photo of the indoor dance floor at CRIP RAVE THEORY. In the foreground, Aquenta is on the stage behind the decks. She is wearing headphones and her hair is braided. The table that the decks is on is metallic and reflective. On the dance floor in front of Aquenta there are lots of bodies. People standing and sitting; one in a wheelchair. Some wearing masks, some not. Arms raised, faces illuminated and in shadow. The whole room is awash with pink light.

Photo: Anna Hay

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CRIP RAVE THEORY is a club night outside the club that draws on disabled/crip knowledge to create more intersectionally-accessible rave spaces. It is a party and a proposition: that the rave can be revolutionary when disabled knowledge is centered. Disabled bodies are inherently radical; we refuse and defy oppressive systems and structures every day. Similarly, raving in itself is dance beyond prescription: where movements are not predefined, and spontaneity, self-expression and freedom are core.

As a wheelchair-user; attending commercial clubs has always been a stressful and othering experience: on the rare occasions that I can actually get inside, so often they’re full of constant reminders that who I am across my varied intersections is not welcomed or catered for. When I started teaching myself to DJ, I was really just doing it for fun. However, as I played more and more, I started really wanting to get back into dance spaces: to play, see my friends play, curate the vibe and enjoy music with others. I knew how difficult that was going to be, and that’s where the seed for CRIP RAVE THEORY came from.

I wanted to create a space that centered and celebrated all those who had been traditionally excluded in commercial nightlife, both from the dancefloor AND behind the decks. A space for self-expression, empowerment and connection. For representation and connection across intersections. CRIP RAVE THEORY is not about segregation; it’s about all bodies.

The majority of the DJs and performers we book at CRIP RAVE THEORY always identify as part of the disabled community or with a lived experience of disability; whether it’s crip, disabled, D/deaf, HoH (hard of hearing), chronic illness, mentally illness or neurodiversity. They always cross other intersections too. A lot of work is put into making the party as intersectionally-accessible as possible; it’s about recognising and embracing the fact that we all have access needs, and that they are all meaningful, and take many forms. Understanding that access is physical, cultural, economic, communication-related and much more. It’s also about recognizing that access needs often conflict, and that this is not an issue, but simply a reality of life; and a joyous, creative provocation and invitation to provide as many options for enjoyment as possible.

The first CRT happened on 3 September 2022, on unceded Gadigal Land, at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists. It was a sold out event, met with euphoric celebration and calls for it to tour interstate. We had people come through who said they hadn’t been able to attend a club night for 2 years, 3 years, 6 years. People crying tears of joy, saying it was the safest they’d ever felt in a party space. We booked DJs Isa, Crescendoll, Aquenta, Rydeen and X Fling, live performer Demon Derriere and host Kiminza. It was an unforgettable night, which by all accounts filled a gaping hole in the nightlife ecology here in so-called Australia.

This mix is a little taste of some of the vibes you can expect at CRIP RAVE THEORY – it’s playful, sexy, it’s got both light and shade; it’s disabled, black, brown, queer and more.

It’s long enough to settle into, but short enough to keep you wanting more.

If it’s a bit of you, come through! Our next party will be in Autumn 2023 – follow @cripravetheory Instagram Page for more updates.

Listen to CRIP RAVE THEORY Mix for fine print magazine by DJ Aquenta. 34 min 43 sec.


Oooop Yeahhh – Digital Mozart
Tip – Vybz Kartel
Fly Away (Main) – Equiknoxx
Miss Thing (feat. Kerwin Prescott) – D-Dots
London Bridge – Fergie
Closer to Me (feat. Stylo G) – The Heatwave
Nah – Amor Satyr
Hot in here_3 – Unknown
W4TN – Cakes Da Killa
Tia Tamera (feat. Rico Nasty) – Doja Cat
For The Girls – Jaymie Silk
Track 10 – Charlie XCX
Blittz – Chat Too Much (rAHHH Edit) – rAHHH
Paramedic (ft. Lycox) – Ase Manual
Strings of Death – KG & Scratchclart
1991 – Azealia Banks
Shakti (New Position) – Ase Manual
Bushmaster – Fonzo & Riko Dan
Mantlapa En Litsiroane (w/ Morena Leraba) – Jumping Back Slash
Freak – Shygirl