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Choir of Chaos

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<center>Climbing, climbing, dissolving heat…</center>

<center>the abundant super nature</center>

<center>flailing, reflecting.</center>

<center>Inharmonious dystopia</center>

<center>crystal clear –</center>

<center>a cracking, deafening un-noise,</center>

<center>beneath, defeated</center>

<center>feeling rhythms. </center>

<center>The scent of decay</center>

<center>dancing through the wood,</center>

<center>hushing the call –</center>

<center>a bird song is a siren. </center>

<center>A watery mass draws nearer,</center>

<center>Arctic echoing, smokescreens,</center>

<center>tapestries of ice –</center>

<center>fragile, lethal and unassuming</center>

<center>do not open the curtains.</center>

<center>Closer to home</center>

<center>a brilliant fire,</center>

<center>licking the blackened earth</center>

<center>consuming, twisted,</center>

<center>chanting beyond the shallow grave.</center>

<center>Ancestral lullabies,</center>

<center>snaking through the remnants and ruins.</center>

<center>A choir of chaos</center>

<center>in silent shape</center>

<center>hum and linger…</center>

<center>and a looking glass,</center>

<center>to see the fragments.</center>

Callum Docherty, Flame, 2019.
Callum Docherty, Flame, 2019.