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An Introduction to Material

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Where is the meeting point between materiality and idea?

Whereas a hierarchy once existed between the everyday and the 'eternal mediums', Modernist criticism privileged form over matter, shifting the balance of power between the commonplace and the classical, the ephemeral and the enduring. fine print's fifteenth issue asks, where are we now?

Expanding notions of meaning, emotion and intention; the validity of material thinking remains at the fore of artistic expression. Artists consider a range of ideas whilst looking at the ways in which their choice in materials may encourage, form, obstruct, or disrupt our reading. With a focus on rethinking subjectivity, our writers delve into matter, orientations, agency, fundamentalism and our relationships to things.

Addressing material matters this month are Andy Best (SA), Nicole Clift (SA), Katarina Klaric (SA), Meg Madden (AUS/DNK), Kate O'Boyle (SA), Elspeth Pitt (ACT) and Kara Town (SA).