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An Introduction to Purpose

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A work of art holds its own agency; it does not require a purpose. The intentional presence of the work of art, however, tells of a process of decision and action that brought it into being, of a drive and impetus that led to its making. As consumers of contemporary art, we are well versed in searching for the context/s from which it emerged, looking around a work for biographical motivation, expression and spirit; distinct perspectives on creativity and artistic purpose that can confirm or repudiate our initial reaction.

'Purpose', the tenth issue of fine print, looks at our inherent desires to create and understand. What general assumptions do we make about artistic motivations and creative processes, and how do they affect our preconceptions when we discuss artist's intent? How critical is the relationship between aim and outcome? And how conscious are we, as creators, of the sub-conscious drivers of our work — why make art?

Hear from Matt Barlow (SA), Richard Grayson (UK), Bernadette Klavins (SA) &  Grace Marlow (SA), Monte Masi (SA), Anna O'Loughlin (SA), Melanie Cooper (SA), Jenna Green (QLD), Ashleigh D'Antonio (SA) &  Mia van den Bos (SA), Rachel Earl (SA), Caitlin Eyre (SA), Becca Freezer (SA), Stan Mahoney (SA) and Nic Brown (SA).