Issue 13

An Introduction to POWER


Individual artists and collectives have always reported, critiqued and narrated global viewpoints. With every action there is a reaction. With every art movement we provoke a countermovement; when we attempt to define art production, artists produce work which escapes definition. An awareness of power is ever present.

As inhabitants of an evolving multilayered civilisation, political and societal persuasions are constantly in flux. Shifting values and the play of power can be felt on a local and global scale. Sitting on the threshold, art possesses its own power in the face of popularised ideologies, fantastical objectives within art markets, and the appropriation of contemporary art for institutional and festival audiences.

For our final issue of the year, the accumulated ideas of our previous offerings come into play. Our invited writers navigate political and cultural concepts affecting our collective consciousness. By interrogating the idea of power perhaps we can uncover inherent truths whilst motivating transformation.

Thomas Capogreco (SA), Yusuf Hayat (SA), Isabel Marcos (NLD), Raqs Media Collective (IND), Inneke Taalman (SA) and Natalie Furnas (SA) join the conversation.

December 2017.