fine print hosts a combination of long-form pieces alongside a frequent schedule of short-form reviews and responses to exhibitions, individual artworks and artists' practices. fine print is a space for a broad cohort of voices and varied approaches in writing, each with a key aim: to highlight the importance that documenting art holds to the vitality of its creation. 

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Issue 17: CLIMATES


Responding to a growing urgency to extend the discourse around climates, can art express environmental and cultural thought? Can the ever-evolving creative language within artistic production match or amplify an argument? This issue will discuss climate in relation to art practice, encompassing environmental, political and social climates.


Issue 18: FEMINIST


An issue dedicated to feminism in visual arts culture today on a local, national and international level. This issue will investigate current feminist discourse whilst probing into the gaps and unfinished business of this vital artistic and cultural theory.