fine print hosts a combination of long-form pieces alongside a frequent schedule of short-form reviews and responses to exhibitions, individual artworks and artists' practices. fine print is a space for a broad cohort of voices and varied approaches in writing, each with a key aim: to highlight the importance that documenting art holds to the vitality of its creation. If you would like to contribute, make a pitch or request our writer's brief.








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Issue 19: RITUAL

Spiritualism, intellectualisation and the metaphysical take varying forms in visual arts. Whether it be ceremonial, personal or religious its representation can be direct or symbolic. The eternal search for a ‘higher power’ has inspired generations of artists who re-imagine the divide between heaven and hell, life, death and the afterlife. In an ever-advancing society does ritualism hold any measurable value? And, for artists today, can the institution properly conjure altered states and meaningful emotion?





Issue 20: FUTURES


Imagined, distant, near. How are contemporary artists tackling tomorrow? How was the future viewed in the past; have we lived up to our predictions? With funding and support for art making currently in a state of extreme flux, the future is an urgent thought in the minds of many. Utopias, dystopias and the messy, flawed possibilities that lie between will be examined.




A collection of responses, readings and performances presented live at the Art Gallery of South Australia in September.

Mimicking fine print's curated articles and responses, this inimitable collaboration between emerging and mid-career South Australian artists and writers was an opportunity for audiences to consider the Elder Wing of Australian Art whilst experiencing arts criticism and experimentation in a daring and thought-provoking way.

Featuring Eleanor Amor (SA), Brad Darkson (SA) with Kira Bain (SA), Elle Freak (SA), Andrew Purvis (SA), Sera Waters (SA).