Issue 14

An Introduction to INTERSECTIONS


The theories and histories of art are often compartmentalised in an effort to define and understand their importance. Such acts of isolation, though, are acts of disconnection, suggesting parallel paths for the issues of our time. The reality is our concerns are rarely that contained. Instead, they form a network of colliding ideas and ideologies, splintering and changing course where history crosses feminism, the economy crosses the environment—at all of the complex intersections we encounter in the world. 

It is at these junctions that distinct and varied branches of thought extend their reach, cross-over and combine, creating a nuanced space for the production of art. Throughout INTERSECTIONS, issue fourteen of fine print, we ask: where are these meeting points, in theory, concept and practice? How do artists negotiate a collision of ideas, and provide meaningful commentary on the experience? 

Joining this conversation around INTERSECTIONS are Stephanie Ackland (UAE/SA), Miriam Barker-Lanzi (SA), Chelsea Farquhar (SA), Eugenia Flynn (VIC) & Ali Gumillya Baker (SA), Zoe Freney (SA), Jessie Lumb (SA), Kylie Maslen (SA), Samara Mitchell (SA), Dr. Melentie Pandilovski (SA) and Madeline Reece (SA).


April 2018.